Transitioning Life to College


Transitioning Life to College: A Right-Start Support Program

TLC@NBCC is a 1-day transition program designed to assist students, particularly those with accessibility needs or have been out of school for a few years, as they adapt to college life.

Start the year equipped with skills to help manage your priorities at school and home:

  • For some, college can be intimidating; that is why we bring first-year students together to meet like-minded peers; share experiences and meet new friends.
  • Enjoy workshops designed to ease into your surroundings; learn best practices to manage your course load; and have fun before hitting the books when classes start!

What to expect

  • Learn strategies to be successful in the classroom and find out about NBCC’s Support Services.
  • Meet fellow students; learn the importance of self-advocacy.
  • Various Workshops such as: Note-taking, Nutrition, Stress Management, Study Tips, Time Management, Relaxation & Yoga, etc.
  • FUN activities

Students participating in TLC@NBCC will be better prepared, more comfortable, more knowledgeable, and fully  engaged when they begin college.

What some of our participants said about TLC

When asked; "What activities were the most beneficial to you" students said this:

  • "Every single aspect of this program was FANTASTIC!"
  • "Study tips and learning styles had a lot of tips. Hands on activities in groups allowed us to make friends without stress of what to do and say. Stress management session"
  • "I enjoyed all the activities, I am really happy I signed up for it!"

When asked; "Do you feel better prepared to start classes next week?" students said this:

  • "I feel so much more prepared! It was nice to meet so many staff members and other students. I am so glad I signed up for this!
  • "Yes, I was able to ask all the questions I had and was given lots of helpful tools to be successful. I feel very prepared to start, everyone is so helpful and friendly"
  • "Of course, I met new friends, international and domestic students as well as other people working at NBCC; and got a lot of information about services for students"

For more information

Phone: (506) 460-6222